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My daughter is my late rabbits daughter


From: MAstarPlaYeR X
Date: 8/30/2004
Time: 12:00:03 PM
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When I, like, play Doom 3, and some monster, like, kill me, and I load my last save game. Does that mean I have been, like, reincarnated? Is God the creator of Doom3? Does God play Doom3? Can I kill God with a chainsaw? So many questions, so little answers...

From: Anonymous
Date: 3/25/2003
Time: 11:26:55 AM
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I am a mother of a little girl.I was very attached to a rabbit a few years back.she died april 1 and i got pregnant that same week.I was not having relations with my husband so to tell you the truth I dont know how I got pregnant.Anyhow.I got pregnant with a little girl.I had multiple dreams with my late rabbit telling me that the baby I was having was one of her children and she was meant to replace her(the rabbit).I didnt think nothing of it.But now my daughter is getting older,she is a toddler.SHe has several unusual inclinations.SHe hates meat(rabbits are vegetarians),she doesnt jump(the rabbit died because she broke her jaw falling off the couch).She likes certain things that the rabbit liked.I may sound like a lunatic but I do believe that my daughter was sent straight from heaven as a gift from my beloved rabbit friend.I would really like other peoples opinions on this.Thanks.

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